How to Choose the Best Rain Gear for Fishing

Man fishing in river

Like any decent fisherman knows, fishing during a light morning drizzle or after a heavy rain can bring out some of the best catches. The rain helps to keep bugs close to the surface of the water and also washes debris and fish food into water systems, creating optimal conditions for reeling in that next big trout or bass.

Unfortunately, these conditions can really dampen your mood if you’re not properly prepared. It’s important to have the proper gear to keep you comfortable and dry so you can focus on the big catch. At Kool Dri® Rainwear, we know that the best rain gear for fishing has several important qualities to keep fishermen happy.

Water Resistance

The most obvious feature for any rain gear is water resistance. Even if it’s not pouring down rain, fishing is a wet hobby, so keeping yourself as dry as possible is important. Our waterproof rain suits and jackets are made from a specially developed polymer and nylon material guaranteed to keep you dry.


No matter the season, breathability in your rain gear is essential for regulating your temperature. If you’ve ever gone fishing in the rain during the summer, you know how humid it can get. You shouldn’t have to decide between being cool and rain-soaked or being dry and hot. With our light, breathable material, air will flow right through the microscopic pores in the fabric. Air will circulate through the rain gear to keep you cool while still keeping you dry in the rain.


There are various waterproof options you can choose from when you’re picking out your rain gear, but most of the time the material is going to be bulky and cumbersome. When you’re casting, having your mobility impaired can keep you from getting the distance you really need. Having the flexibility of a Kool Dri® Wader Jacket will allow you a full range of movement while still sheltering you from the elements.


For some of the more rugged fishermen, wear and tear happens on fishing outerwear pretty regularly. Things snag, tear, or fray as you wade through trees and underbrush to get to your favorite fishing spot. Finding a material that keeps you dry and also holds up is important when choosing your gear. Kool Dri® gear offers some of the best material for a rain jacket by exceeding military specifications and being nearly indestructible.

Fit and Comfort

Nothing distracts you from fishing like being uncomfortable in the clothing you’re wearing. Get rid of the constant tugging and adjusting of your rain gear by choosing a jacket that has customizable sizing. Drawstrings and cuffed sleeves will help you customize the fit of your gear to make sure you’re comfortable the entire day.


An often underrated quality is the look of your rain gear. While the fish don’t care what you look like, you surely will, so having a sporty and modern look is ideal. It’s important to not lose the practicality of your gear for the sake of fashion either, so be sure to take that into consideration when making your choice.

Storage Options

What good is a jacket without pockets and storage space? If you’re wading into the water, you don’t want to constantly drudge back to the bank to get a new fly. Having plenty of storage to hold the essentials is important, so consider looking for a jacket that has breast pockets or more.


At the end of the day, no one wants to sacrifice quality for cost, but paying hundreds of dollars for the best rain gear for fishing can be daunting. Make sure that whatever you choose, you’re not breaking the bank for the sake of something that may not last you the entire fishing season.

At Kool Dri® Rainwear, our specially developed materials are truly waterproof yet feather light to allow freedom of movement. Our gear was specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, so your search for the best quality fishing gear is over when you land on our website. Contact us today for more information on our rain suits and wader jackets.