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Finding the perfect outdoor rainwear can be like finding the right pair of shoes. You might need to try out a few, and maybe you've kept some for the nostalgia factor, but once you've got the perfect fit, you'll never go back. Kool Dri® rainwear is the perfect fit for anyone who loves the outdoors.

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Why Choose Kool Dri® Rainwear?

Even if you are the most prepared person you know, there are still instances of random trips and spontaneous outdoor excursions that end up getting rained out. No one likes finding themselves trapped in unexpected weather events, especially when they have been planning their outdoor adventures for some time.

It can be frustrating to pack up and leave because you didn't adequately prepare for some rain or are too chilly from gusty winds, even while on a well-thought-out hike. Keeping some outdoor rainwear handy in your vehicle or outdoor backpack can help eliminate early departures thanks to unexpected weather issues.

Not just any rainwear will do, however. Inadequate protection can leave you just as annoyed, wet, and soggy as if you weren't wearing protective clothing in the first place. People who enjoy being outside but dislike feeling like their rainwear isn't doing enough to keep them dry want more protection from their products. That's why our Kool Dri® rainwear is so popular.

Thanks to outdoor enthusiasts who have put our products to the test, we have delivered some of the best outdoor wear on the market with desirable features not found in other brands. Made in the United States, our durable, water-repellant protective clothing items are ideal for people who can't think of a better way to spend their time than enjoying the outside.

Our Products

Playing sports, going on hikes, fishing, or something as simple as riding your bike through your neighborhood can all be safer in any weather thanks to high-quality, practical rainwear. The kinds of things you love to do outside vary, so you need different protective clothing for those activities.

No matter what you love, we have a product that will suit your needs! Our products are made right here in the USA, and they are both lightweight and breathable for your convenience and comfort. We have everything you need for your favorite hunting season, including a beautiful, high-quality camo rain suit. PA is home to many people who love the outdoors, and we know you are one of them! Please browse our selection of products and see what will suit your needs best.

man in a hooded waterproof parka

3/4 Length Parkas

For those who love the outdoors, a ¾ length parka is the perfect travel companion to keep you safe and dry no matter what the weather is like outside. When unexpected weather sweeps through your favorite, well-worn hiking trail or the forecast calls for rain where you plan to watch a sporting event, this parka can protect you against nature. There are deep pockets to keep your personal belongings secure and dry and a removable hood. It's cut just above the knees to offer maximum protection and free movement. Plus, this parka folds down compactly for quick and easy storage in a convenient storage pouch.

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couple fishing in waterproof wader jackets

Wader Jackets

Many people love to fish, but it can be challenging to find a genuinely waterproof wader jacket for those afternoons when you're knee-deep in your favorite activity. Cut at the waist, we designed this wader jacket for maximum protection with elastic cuffed sleeves and an adjustable drawstring hood. And if you're worried about where you'll put your fly box, each jacket comes with two breast pockets that can hold the standard 6-inch fly box or anything else you'd like to protect from the water. This sporty, stylish piece from the Kool Dri® rainwear line is the perfect choice for those who love to be in the water but don't love to be drenched by the water. Choose from a range of sizes to suit any body type!

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man on a motrorcycle with an all-weather jacket

All-Weather Combos

Those who love the outdoors agree that our all-weather combo suits offer excellent protection combined with style. These pieces are perfect to pair for any outdoor event or activity, featuring a lightweight nylon jacket with a roomy, adjustable hood and pants with an elastic waist. The adjustable cuffs on the jacket's sleeves and the tapered legs that close with a plastic zipper keep your wrists and ankles secure against unpleasant weather so you can stay safe, warm, and dry even in the dreariest conditions. Wear them while golfing or as protection from the elements on your motorcycle rides through your favorite locations.

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couple camping in camo rain suits

Rain Suits

Hunting, fishing, and camping are all favorite hobbies here in the US. Unfortunately, sometimes you will still experience the inconvenience of not-so-lovely weather and surprisingly chilly evenings under the stars. When you have a Kool Dri® rain suit, you have a piece of clothing that will adequately protect you and keep you dry through all your favorite outdoor activities. Watching a child's soccer game, fishing with a grandchild, or simply going for a walk when the sky hints it might rain soon are all things you can do worry-free in our rain suits. They come in camouflage and solid color options to suit your outdoor activity needs!

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The Kool Dri® Guarantee

All our Kool Dri® products come with a five-year warranty for quality and material defects of any kind. If you are unsatisfied with your Kool Dri® product, we will exchange it or process a refund for you after explaining why you were unsatisfied.

This warranty does not apply to our outdoor rainwear Kool Dri® products damaged by neglect, improper care, or accidents. Take care of your Kool Dri® product so it can return the favor!