Rainwear Features

Our stylish, comfortable rainsuits and jackets offer features not found in competing brands. Check out these extra rain wear features for added comfort and convenience!
We've asked our customers what they're looking for in waterproof rainwear. These design touches respond to the requirements of the real "experts"... outdoor enthusiasts who have made Kool Dri® rainwear so popular.

Storm Flaps

An outer flap, rustproof zipper, and a second flap securely seal off all garment openings against the elements.

Adaptable Hood

It's roomy enough to fit over a hat, or provide direct protection with an easy pull of the durable drawstrings.

Spacious Storage Pockets

Front pockets on the coats and hip pockets on rainwear pants offer plenty of extra carrying room. On jackets, a special flap closes tightly... keeping the contents of each pocket secure and dry.

No-Rust Safety Snaps

There are two important reasons why Kool Dri® rainwear features plastic snaps. The first is durability. These snaps last and perform for the life of the garment and never "bleed" rust onto the fabric. Secondly, the non-conductive material protects the wearer from the possibility of electrical or lightning shocks.

Weather-Tight Sleeves

Snug, yet comfortable elastic cuffs conform to the wearer's arm size to seal out even the most severe weather conditions.

Kool Dri® Exclusive Seam-Sealing Process

Our special process ensures that all stitching that is exposed to rain or moisture is factory-sealed during heat and pressure treatment. Durable sealing tape is bonded to the seams to provide a smooth finish. These seams will last as long as the rainwear.

Exclusive features that make Kool Dri® a natural!

Easy to care for...

We've developed a fabric that actually has a mildew inhibitor in it to keep it fresher, longer and like new. All Kool Dri® rainwear is machine washable, with ordinary soap or detergent. After washing, allow the garment to drip dry. Do not put in a dryer. Do not iron. It is designed to outlast and outperform all others.

The right size for the perfect fit...

Kool Dri® rainwear is available in a wide range of sizes. Most styles are made in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large and XXX-Large.

Made with pride in the USA

Kool Dri® rainwear reflects the pride of our employees. They know they are working with one of the finest outdoorwear materials available. Our goal is to achieve the highest standards with superior workmanship. Our Guarantee reflects this commitment to excellence.