How Kool Dri® Rain Suits and Jackets Have Superior Waterproof Materials

Wet clothing can weigh you down and leave you uncomfortable in various life situations. From farmers to outdoor-lovers, owning clothing from Kool Dri® Rainwear made with our superior waterproof materials makes your life easier by keeping you dry, no matter which outdoor activity you're enjoying!

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Why Are Waterproof Materials Important?

You are no stranger to unexpected weather conditions when you love the outdoors, including random rainstorms! Having clothing made from waterproof materials is crucial to your safety when you're outside. No one enjoys feeling soggy in wet denim, and damp clothing can also make you more susceptible to illness and lose body heat more quickly.

Wet clothing can also pose a threat if you are in a body of water, as it can weigh you down and hinder how well you can navigate due to drag. Because the water tends to cling to clothing made of materials that are not waterproof, you may be inadvertently putting yourself at risk!

Wearing waterproof clothing will help ensure you are safe outdoors. It conserves heat, doesn't create as much drag in the water, and protects you from the elements like rain or snow. When you want to be safe, warm, and dry, stick with Kool Dri® products for all your waterproof-clothing!

We Make Our Products with Fabric That's Truly Waterproof!

Many brands claim their materials are waterproof, but unfortunately, that's not always the case. Maybe you've purchased a jacket that you thought was waterproof to use while hunting but discover that it gets soggy after a few hours in the rain. Or if you're fishing, and you may find that the clothing underneath your outer layer is getting uncomfortably damp over time.

This disappointing performance in your outerwear is because many products on the market are not made of waterproof fabrics despite the claims of waterproofing. Instead, materials are only water-resistant. These materials don't do a great job of keeping water out because water-resistant material only repels water up to a certain point.

After reaching that point, the water can get into the textiles, and your clothing will get wetter over time. This scenario is not ideal, especially if you need to spend a long time exposed to water. When you want actual waterproof materials for your rainwear fabric, look no further than the truly water-repellent Kool Dri® products.

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4 Reasons You'll Love Our Water-Proof Clothing Line

We make our Kool Dri® garments from a specially developed polymer and nylon material that offers four other significant advantages aside from their waterproof quality!

1. It Breathes

Microscopic pores in the fabric allow air to circulate through the rainwear and provide the ventilation you just won't find in traditional waterproof clothing. Breathability means your skin won't suffocate, and you won't become overheated! While this breathability benefits everyone who wears our flexible waterproof material, it is significant for those who need to do a lot of physical activity in their waterproof clothing, like farmers, veterinarians, or people who love outdoor sports.

2. It's Feather Light

Kool Dri® Rainwear is not cumbersome like traditional waterproof clothing. Instead, it is lightweight and flexible, so it moves with you and does not hinder your outdoor exploration. We designed our rainwear fabric with you in mind because we know you want American-made rain gear that performs as promised without adding too much weight to your outfit.

3. It's Almost Indestructible

How can something so lightweight be so durable? We have formulated our Kool Dri® fabric to be one of the most rugged and durable made. The same characteristics that keep water out protect the garment from snagging, tearing, and fraying. Kool Dri® material also meets and exceeds military specifications for waterproof fabric!

4. It's Ideal Any Time of Year

As outdoor activities change through the year, the clothing you need to wear also changes. Luckily, Kool Dri® rainwear truly is all-weather wear. It offers comfortable protection in any climate and under all conditions. Our breathable fabric keeps it cool when it's wet and warm or dry when it's cold and damp, making it suitable for wear year-round.

The best part about our Kool Dri® clothing is that everyone can wear it for any outdoor scenario. Football games, hunting, or helping a cow deliver her calf into the world are times when you might need clothing made from waterproof materials. We are proud to offer a variety of clothing suitable for all those circumstances.

Choose Kool Dri® For All Your Clothing Made from Waterproof Materials

There is something for everyone within our range of products! If you have trouble deciding which Kool Dri® product is right for you, please contact our friendly customer service team. We would be happy to help you choose the right Kool Dri® product for all your outdoor activity needs.

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