4 Tips for Spring Camping Essentials

camping in mountains

Even though summer is just around the corner, it seems like all of the spring showers are never-ending. And when it comes to spring camping essentials (or really, any camping gear), you’ll want to make sure everything is water-resistant for just that reason.

Having the proper camping gear for any of your spring, summer, or fall camping trips, means making sure you know what is or isn’t essential for you and your group. Depending on where you’re going and for how long will change a lot of your equipment decisions. Here at Kool Dri® Rainwear, we’ve found there are a few spring camping essentials you shouldn’t go without.

Stay Dry with Water Resistant Camping Gear

As experts on staying dry in wet weather, we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have camping gear that has some level of water resistance. From your clothing to your sleeping bag, you’ll find your camping trip will be much more comfortable if you’re dry. Here are a few suggestions of equipment we think should be water-resistant, if not fully waterproof:

By purchasing water-resistant camping gear, you’ll be prepared for almost any change in weather, even if it gets cold.

Don’t Rule Out Cold Weather

Spring weather can be deceiving with all of the greenery and sunshine it brings after a long winter, but don’t let that fool you. With the combination of rain, cold ground, and possibly even snow, spring nights can be dangerous if you don’t have the right preparations.

Make sure you have some all-weather or all-season clothes to keep you warm. With wet weather, hypothermia can set in a lot quicker if you’re not prepared. We also highly recommend looking into purchasing a cot, insulated sleeping pad, or something similar to keep your sleeping bag off the ground and to stay warmer.

Protect Yourself Against Insects

Luckily, not all spring weather is dreary and wet, so you can get out and enjoy camping as soon as it gets warmer. But with warmer weather, you’re also going to get bugs. Gnats, mosquitoes, and flies are annoying, but don’t forget that spring is also when ticks start to make their appearance as well.

Be prepared with insect repellent and longer clothing to keep you protected during the day, but also a tent or bug net to keep you safe at night. If you build a fire, smoke will help keep most of the pests away, but we find that having a netted shade tent during the day is excellent for when you’re trying to eat or just enjoy the outdoors.

And Most Importantly…Have Fun!

We’ve all been there—the rain starts, equipment breaks, and tempers start putting everyone in a bad mood. Not having your spring camping essentials can put a damper (literally and figuratively) on your camping trips. So if you’re not having fun, what’s even the point of camping?

We want you to enjoy your camping trip just as much as possible, which is part of why we developed the unique materials we use for our rainsuits, parkas, and wader gear. Here at Kool Dri® Rainwear, we want to be your go-to source for all-weather rain protection. Whether you’re planning a few camping trips this season or just looking to update your spring camping essentials, shoot us a message to learn more about how our gear can bring the fun back into camping.