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Explore in Style with a Solid Color Bib Suit and Hooded Jacket Combo

Have you been trying to bring family and friends along on your adventures and outings? Safety and comfort are hard to find on the trail, but with a high-quality weather protection suit, you can bring them along with you! Our rain suits make the perfect lightweight protection for all kinds of outdoor activities, including:

When you pair our solid-color bib suit with our hooded jacket, you will have a fantastic weatherproof rainsuit that's perfect for every outdoor enthusiast. The bright colors are stylish for comfortable hikes, and serve as a safety measure on hunting trips. The solid bib suit and hooded rain jacket combo will provide superior protection from rain or damp weather while you spend your time in the great outdoors.

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The Best Clothing Option for Outdoor Enthusiasts!

If your hobbies bring you outdoors, you understand the frustration of sudden rainstorms and frigid winds. Mother nature can be fickle, so it's best to prepare for anything she can throw your way. Protect yourself from sudden weather events with a solid bib suit and hooded rain jacket combo for maximum weather protection! This combination provides you with the best balance of flexibility and waterproofing. The jacket is a generous overcoat covering your body with enough room for your favorite hat under the hood. The pants and jacket have ample pocket space for your survival and camping needs. When the weather clears, this outdoor rainwear can be folded into a convenient package to dry and stay handy.

What Size and Color Options Are Available?

When you order a rain suit from Kool Dri® solid bib, you have multiple options available. From our generous sizing that runs from small to 5XL to our multiple color options, you can have a suit that fits your aesthetic and needs perfectly. The three colors for you to consider are:

Whether you want high or low visibility, our suits can match your needs perfectly.

How Will a Kool Dri® Solid Bib Suit Benefit My Outdoors Experience?

When you think bout the common struggles of hiking, hunting, and camping, you think of those pains in the past that almost ruined your trips. Now think of how these benefits would have solved your problems:

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Thanks to the durable and waterproof fabric, you can avoid the long drying times and laundering that other coats need!

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Waterproof Stitching

Every inch of the solid bib suit and hooded jacket is waterproof, right down to the stitching, for comfort all day!

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Weatherproof Pockets

Both jacket and suit have generous pockets, allowing you to keep everything from pocket knives to tinder on hand!

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Scratch-Proof Material

If you have to dive through the brush or go through un-cleared paths, the tough material of our clothing won't get damaged!

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Made in the USA

Every piece of our rain-proof utility outerwear is made right here in the USA, supporting local growth and the economy!

These benefits will prevent you from having those frustrating or disappointing trips ever again. When you choose a solid bib suit and rain jacket combo, you get an outdoor outfit that is as functional as it is attractive.

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The next time you're preparing for a big outdoor adventure, include a high-quality rainsuit in your bag! Never settle for a paper-thin basic hiking jacket that falls apart on unfolding. Every piece of waterproof clothing we make is created proudly in the USA, with durability and quality in mind.

Here in Reinholds, PA, we know how aggressively the weather can change from hour to hour. This is why we've created a line of quick-pack outerwear that will keep you dry, comfortable, and healthy throughout the trails. Whether you're a new explorer or a camping expert, our suits will ensure your comfort – get a pair today and experience the difference!

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