Be Seen and Comfortable with Solid Color Bib Rain Pants

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Every hiker has experienced the misery of a sudden downpour in the middle of exploring a long trail. You don't want to be stuck slogging through wet socks or a soaked shirt when you're an hour into a good hike. Even if you check the weather every five minutes, you never know when disaster will strike.

When you're halfway down a trail, you don't have many choices. Do you start walking back and get drenched, or waste valuable daylight by waiting out the storm under a leaky trail stop? Or maybe you thought ahead and brought a pair of Kool Dri® solid color bib style pants?

A pair of these bib rain pants will prevent the worst of your sopping clothing and freezing body thanks to their superior water resistance and features. Looking for lightweight, durable rainsuit pants? Then check out our bib-style rainsuit pants, specifically engineered for comfort and durability in a variety of outdoor situations.

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What Are the Benefits of Bib Style Rainsuit Pants?

Our bib waterproof pants will suit almost any outdoor needs, Whether you are out hunting, enjoying a sporting event, puttering around the garden, or just going for a long walk. These bib rain pants offer superior comfort, a snugly cut fit, and convenience to your needs.

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Durable, Breathable Fabric

Thanks to microscopic pores in the fabric, enjoy breathable and well-ventilated rainwear that won't overheat you while keeping you dry! This feature allows you to keep moving during the most strenuous activity.

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Rustproof Zippers

Never get stuck wrestling with a zipper again! Our high-quality zippers resist rusting, which can result in stuck or broken fasteners. When a sudden downpour hits, don't get stuck with a broken zipper!

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Spacious Storage Pockets

Have everything you need on hand with large pockets that will fit any of your camping, hiking, gardening, or hunting gear. Keep your electronics dry, your snacks safe, and your pocket knives on hand!

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Matching Hooded or Lined Jackets

Enjoy superior durability and quality in a variety of colors. You can mix-and-match your style or purchase a full suit of olive drab, orange, or fluorescent yellow rainwear for high visibility.

The bib-style cut of these pants will allow you to move without chafing or discomfort. Bib rain pants cover most of the chest in the same cut as overalls, avoiding the tightness and restriction that often come with elastic waistbands. These pants also provide superior coverage and waterproofing of your body.

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We Make Waterproof Bib Pants That You'll Love!

At Kool Dri® Rainwear, we design our rainsuits and jackets for the serious outdoor enthusiast, one who is likely to use our rainsuits, jackets, and other outerwear often. The specially designed polymer fabric of our rainwear will outlast almost any other rainwear around. This material is so resistant to wear and tear that it meets and exceeds military specifications for waterproof fabrics!

Our Kool Dri® garments enjoy several benefits thanks to their unique make. The polymer fabric breaths easily as you move to keep you cool during summer storms. This light fabric won't slow you down while you sprint to the cabin, set up camp, or clamber up to your hunting blind. The tight weave of our bib rain pants will also prevent snags and scratches that will leak water into your clothes.

This rainwear is tough enough for your longest hikes, comfortable enough for a leisurely walk in the rain, and will last for years to come!

Choose Our Kool Dri® Bib Waterproof Pants for All of Your Rainwear Needs

Not only can cold and rain ruin your day, but wet weather exposure can lead to illness. In worst-case scenarios, slippery conditions can even lead to injury. Get the bib style pants that will help you address your comfort and safety at the same time. We also have convenient shipping options for the hunter and hiker on the go!

Our clothing is made to exact specifications to prevent the worst. Waterproof bib rain paints doesn't do much without a rustproof zipper that won't get stuck. That's why all of our rain gear is made from breathable, porous materials that are both lightweight and durable. We wanted to be certain that you'll not only enjoy wearing your rainwear, but you'll also wear it over and over for years to come.

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