Choose Protection Against the Elements Rain Gear With A Bib Suit and Lined Jacket Combo!

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Don't risk illness and undue stress during your next big outdoor outing! When you have plans that involve being out in nature, or even just out around town, you should protect yourself from wind and rain with a stylish and sturdy bib suit and a matching lined jacket. Our camouflage and solid-color rainsuits make the perfect lightweight protection for all kinds of outdoor activities including:

You don't want to compromise on your comfort when you spend those long hours out and about during your favorite activities. And you don't want to be stifled by a layer of rubber material that will drench you in sweat. When you're looking for a waterproof yet breathable layer of rain protection, look no further than a Kool Dri® bib suit and lined jacket combo!

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Enjoy the Benefits of a Bib Suit and Lined Jacket Combo

When you're fighting against the elements, rain gear can make all the difference. You want to know that you'll get everything you need from your protective cover. But not all rainsuits or raincoats are made the same. A Kool Dri® suit will provide you with all of the benefits below!

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Comfort from a Durable and Breathable Fabric

All of our Kool Dri® fabric clothing is designed with the benefits of a micro-porous fabric that is ventilated and comfortable. This prevents overheating by ensuring that your skin can breathe, preventing you from becoming sweaty in the middle of a hunt.

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Secured Pockets with Rustproof Zippers

Never again will you have to struggle with a stuck zipper! All of our zippers are rust-resistant for easy access to your most important tools and items. Have your bird-watching guide out before they fly away, easily access ammo, and never miss the best nature photos!

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Large Pockets for Everything You Need

When foraging for food, rocks, or anything else, you want to know that you'll have room for all of your finds. And if you're out hunting or hiking, you want to have all of your tools and equipment right on hand – the spacious pockets of our bib suits provide ample space!

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A Warm and Comfy Lined Jacket

The matching lined jacket will keep you warm and dry in the worst of spring showers and autumn storms. Staying dry often isn't enough when you're surviving in the great outdoors; you need to stay warm as well. Our jackets will provide both waterproofing and warmth.

A matching bib-style suit and lined jacket make the perfect fall rain gear for your next outdoor adventure, whether going deep in the wilderness or just to the park down the street. Enjoy the freedom of movement that comes with a bib-style cut!

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Get a Suit That Will Last a Lifetime!

When you find the right bit of gear, you want it to last you as long as possible. This is why we make our suits to withstand many years of use. The bib suit coupled with our lined jacket, makes a fantastic weatherproof rainsuit for every outdoor enthusiast. And when an outdoor enthusiast relies on a suit for health and safety, it must be long-lived. Bib overall pants provide superior protection from rain or damp weather while hunting, fishing, or hiking.

Our bib rainsuit includes durable bib pants that feature tapered legs that close against the elements. This protection against the elements provided by this rain gear is enhanced with the closure of a plastic zipper at the legs and a lightweight lined jacket. Both bib pants and lined jackets feature durable, breathable fabric and include spacious storage pockets. You'll never need another rain suit again!

Choose Our Kool Dri® Bib Suit and Lined Jacket for Rain Gear Needs

When you're out in nature, you must have everything on hand. You can't be running back and forth from camp, or make the drive all the way back to civilization. This is why you need a bib suit and lined jacket combo. The lined jacket features a durable outer flap, rustproof zipper and a second flap to securely seal off all openings against the elements. Lined with lightweight nylon, the rain jacket features roomy pockets for dry storage, while the elastic cuffs adjust to a perfect fit. A roomy hood adjusts to wearer preference with a durable drawstring. Proudly made in the U.S.A. and featuring a durable, yet feather light fabric with breathable microscopic pores to ensure comfort in any weather. Get your own suit today and make the most of your time in nature! Available in sizes small - 3XL.

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